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Test Results of Weirdness

So I got my test results back and I do NOT have Lyme disease. However, I do have minor scoliosis, but that’s not causing my pain. (it doesn’t need surgery or anything, it’s just a baby thang. My mom has minor scoliosis, too, and she doesn’t need surgery or a brace or anything like that.) I was out of school on thursday and monday due to my pain being worse, though. 😦 So my mom called the orthopedist, and she said that if I have to go home/stay home from school again due to my pain, then she’ll send me to a neurologist. (which means I might have fibro. RAR.) Until then, they think it might be a muscle thing (which I honestly doubt) so I have to go to physical therapy tons of times a week to strengthen my muscles to try and fix this evil pain thing. If it were muscles, I think it would have gone away a while ago, especially since I took tons of anti-flammatory stuff (advil) and didn’t exercise for a week or two in case it was that, and there was absolutely no improvement.


In good news, though, my friend and I are on good terms again, so things at school are better 🙂

I should REALLY be doing my homework right now because I have 4 tests tomorrow and I haven’t studied for a single one yet, so….yeah. See ya later!! 🙂


  1. good luck on the school, tests; let us know how you go; good luck too with the muscle problem — hope that one works out; hey! and my long time friend and I are friends too so that is good: friendship is so important

    • Thanks! 🙂 I took most of the tests today, they were pretty easy. Yeah, I just had another physical therapy session, I had to do a lot of un-fun exercises, but then I got this cool electric stimulation thingy that was sorta like a massage and it was all better 😛 Yay!! Friends are important 🙂

  2. johnlmalone

    do they know what’s causing the fatigue?

    • No, they think it might be because I’m dealing with the pain all of the time and because I have a busy schedule and stuff, but they’re not really sure XP

  3. johnlmalone

    okay; keep us posted

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