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Monthly Archives: April, 2012

Sickly. AGAIN.

Ughhh…I stayed home sick again today. My legs felt like they were on fire today (thanks, mom, for making me go to swimming yesterday :P) and when you touch them it feels super…hurtful 😛 So I’m at home sulking all by myself. Fuuuuun… (actually, technically I’m not by myself, I’m sort of talking to Julia …

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Bible From The Writer’s Point of View #8

Sorry I haven’t done this in a month or so XP I’ve just gotten super busy and stuff. But I’m BACK now, so you better be excited 🙂 (gospel once again “borrowed” from biblegateway.com) Jesus Appears to His Disciples 19 On the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, …

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Just Discovered That Somehow I Reached the Mighty Lands of UK and Canada

I knew from the beginning that Julia (who hails from the mighty land the the UNITED STATES) was reading my blog, and after a while, I learned that johnlmalone (who hails from the mighty land of AUSTRALIA) was reading my blog but I looked at my country reaching places thing and somehow a person from …

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