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Hey guys! I’m from Write It, so…that’s where I’m assuming most of you guys were from. If not, uhhh…yeah. I DON’T KNOW YOUUUUUU!!!

I’m 13, and I like to write novels. I’ve written 2 complete novels and two half novels. I plan to publish one of the completed novels and one of the uncompleted novels. (I’m planning to publish Wake Me Up and Runaway, for those of you from Write It; The Bane and The Choice are…kinda dead, but I’ll finish them for fun :P) I’m really random and talkative, and…yeah 🙂 I like to make up words 🙂


  1. Helen/ The Geese

    Oi! Teresa! ‘Tis me! I’m creeping on your blog, muah ha ha… though I don’t know if it is considered creepy if you told us to read it… anywho…

  2. Write It, REPRESENT! *fist pump*

    • Wait…I don’t think I KNOW 7 bloggers XP

  3. Yo, Teresa! You need to get back to blogging, love! Where’ve you been?

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