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*slinks back in shame*

Yeahhhhhhh hi guys Julia reminded me I haven’t posted on this in over a year so that’s what I’m doing uPDATES: -I don’t think I’ll be doing the Bible thing anymore because commitment is difficult, but I’ll try and make an update post at least once a week because blogging is great. -I’m halfway doing …

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I’m a Lazy Bum XP

(and apparently, according to my friend Stephanie, I have a “bun of steel”) Sorry I haven’t updated in a while! I’ve been at a Destination Imagination competition for a week, and then when I got home I found out that our internet was broken XP We just fixed it yesterday, so I’ve been slowly replying …

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Just Discovered That Somehow I Reached the Mighty Lands of UK and Canada

I knew from the beginning that Julia (who hails from the mighty land the the UNITED STATES) was reading my blog, and after a while, I learned that johnlmalone (who hails from the mighty land of AUSTRALIA) was reading my blog but I looked at my country reaching places thing and somehow a person from …

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